Belgian Cheese in Space


A NASA astronaut with a taste for Belgian cheese has had it delivered several times in space, much to the surprise of a Roeselare creamery.

Resupply shuttles regularly replenish essential food supplies for the occupants of the International Space Station (ISS). Accustomed to the bare essentials, with food that is usually freeze-dried or in the form of an unappetising paste, it would appear that certain extras are also possible.

It has just been revealed that one of the astronauts currently in orbit on the ISS has had cheese from 't Groendal farm in Rumbeke (municipality of Roeselare, West Flanders province) delivered to them on several occasions. This small family business produces hard cheeses that are matured for at least 18 months, distinguished by a spicy flavour and salt crystals.

American astronaut Shanon Walker is said to have discovered these very specific cheeses at a creamery in Houston, the city where NASA's spaceflight training and control centre is located. As Johan Deweer, who produces Brokkeloud Roeselare and Oud Roeselare for the American market, happily explains: 'We think it is great. Who ever thought that their cheese would be enjoyed in space? We are very proud. What a great advert this is proving to be!' 

These Belgian cheeses would have gone into space on at least two occasions since December 2020.