Belgian beers are increasingly being exported


According to figures from the association Brasseurs Belges, exports of Belgian beers around the world are growing year on year.

Around 73% of the beer produced in Belgium is exported. This represents 17.551 million hectolitres, or more than 7 billion 25 cl glasses drunk last year outside Belgium.

The production volume destined for export began to exceed that aimed for our domestic market in 2006. Exports exceeded 10 million hectolitres compared to more than 9 million for domestic consumption. This trend has only increased over the years.

The power of AB InBev is undoubtedly a driving force for the sector on a global level. Although Jupiler is the most popular lager in Belgium, the brewing giant has focused mainly on Stella Artois on the international market, to the point that it is now the best-selling Belgian beer in the world, followed by Leffe amber beer. Other major players have also acquired a large percentage of the international market, including Duvel, Chouffe and Affligem. Smaller brewers offering quality beers are making the most of this craze for Belgian beers to boost their own sales abroad.

The French, Dutch and Spanish markets alone account for over 60% of our exports. These three countries consumed more beer than Belgians in 2021. Outside the European Union, the United States is also a major customer for Belgian brewers, with just over 1 million hectolitres sold.