Antwerp Fashion, an academy at the top of its field


The Antwerp Fashion Academy has been named one of the 25 best fashion academies in the world. This ranking is established by, a fashion website with nearly two million followers on Facebook.

Each year, the site compiles a list of the best academies in the world. This ranking is based on a survey of thousands of students. The following factors are taken into account: quality of education, workload, annual tuition, but also job placement and the academy's reputation. This ranking gives prospective students an overview of the best schools.

The list includes mainly American and British academies, but Antwerp is among the few European cities represented! There is no numerical ranking for the 25 schools that made the list;  the academies are listed in alphabetical order. describes the Antwerp Academy as "an elite art and design school with a small-but-esteemed fashion design program that encourages an experimental, conceptual approach to design".

The site also describes the school as demanding a high level. The entrance and final exams are strict, and the learning process is tough: "Our students find the whole artistic journey difficult because we expect a lot of them. To convince people of your creativity, you have to be very strong and bold. And you have to keep raising the bar and always strive to improve," said Walter Van Beirendonck, director of the academy's fashion department.