Did you know that there is a Jeanneke Pis as well as Manneken Pis?


What's more, there is even a kind of Pis family living in Brussels. The most famous family member is Manneken, but Jeanneke and Zinneke are also part of the family.

Manneken Pis, the statue of a little boy peeing, is one of Brussels' main tourist attractions. Manneken dates back to 1619, and is 61cm tall. He has his own wardrobe, much to the envy of fashionistas.

It was a few centuries before the next family member came along, Jeanneke Pis. It is a statue of a little girl squatting down to pee. Jeanneke was the initiative of local businesspeople who wanted to attract more visitors to their street. She is at the end of the Getrouwheidsgang cul-de-sac, which is a side street of the very busy Beenhouwersstraat and right next to the Main Square in Brussels. Jeanneke isn't too far away from Manneken then. Jeanneke was produced by the sculptor Denis-Adrien Debrouvie, and is designed to highlight gender equality. There is a fountain in front of the statue.

And last but not least there is Zinneke; the peeing dog which completes the family. Since 1998, he has blithely cocked up his hind leg against a bollard at the corner of the Kartuizerstraat and the Oude Graanmarkt, in the area of the Sint-Gorikshallen. Etymologically speaking, the name Zinneke presumably comes from the river Zenne. The Zenne flows beneath Brussels. The dog is peeing where the small Zenne used to flow.