Did you know there are over 3,000 varieties of roses to admire in Coloma Park?


The idyllic Coloma Park is quite accessible, lying in the heart of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, a stone's throw away from Brussels, and is home to one of the largest rose gardens in Europe with 3,000 varieties originating from 25 different countries. Every summer, 200,000 roses in full bloom make a breathtaking display of colour and scent.

The rose garden is divided into five different themes. The red and white rose garden was laid out in the classical French style with geometric patterns. Visitors will find only red and white-tinted roses there, the official colours of the borough. Then there is the Flemish rose garden, with a beautiful rose canopy as its high point.

The third theme is the old rose garden, also known as the visual history of roses. It paints a picture of the story of the rose through the ages by means of the ancestors of the modern rose. Next, there is the international garden, where roses from almost every country grow and bloom. The garden itself was laid out in the characteristic English style. Finally, there is also the Japanese rose garden with 150 varieties of Japanese roses.

Coloma Park is a 15-hectare site with a 15th-century castle at its centre. The land takes its name from Karel de Coloma, a chamberlain of Empress Maria Theresia of Austria. The empty, crumbling castle became the property of the Flemish authorities in 1980, who renovated it thoroughly. The building is currently being used as a cultural and recreational centre. The park also contains a garden pavilion with a stair tower and an old coach house, which currently serves as a tavern.