Did you know that the statue of Peter Pan situated in the Egmont Park symbolises friendship?


The statue of Peter Pan, which is located at the Egmont Park in Brussels, symbolises the friendship between the Belgian and British children during the First World War.

Sir George Frampton has given the statue of Peter Pan to Brussels in order to emphasise the friendship between the British and Belgian children, who were playing in the Egmont Park during the First World War. The bronze Peter Pan is standing in the Egmont Park since 1924 and was classified as a monument in 1974. The statue is a copy of the original one in Kensington Gardens (London).

The statue was taken out the park for two months, but has returned to its familiar place since the second of June in 2010. During the restoration, they put back the panpipe of Peter Pan and the ears of the bunnies. The traces of bullets on the statue, dating from the Second World War, were also removed.