Did you know that the skateboard arrived in Belgium in 1978?


Indeed, it was in the late 70s that the first skateboarding trend swept through our country, a saga that Marco Laguna and Fil Plastic tell through the book "Primitive Skateboarding Belgium 1978".

In 2008, at a Brussels flea market, Marco Laguna came across a batch of 200 slides depicting the early days of the skateboard in Belgium with the emergence of the first skateparks, the first championships, the first Belgian boards, the creation of the league, etc.

This discovery was all the more exceptional since there are very few documents about the period in which the photos were taken (1977-1978). At this time, skateboarding was not very popular and was even considered as a sport for delinquents. These slides are therefore seen as rare gems for skateboarding enthusiasts and Marco Laguna decided to share this historical record through a book.

It would take him 10 years of work to complete this retrospective project and find the perfect partner to make it a reality, Fil Plastic, a Liège-based graphic artist who was immediately excited about the idea. The book "Primitive Skateboarding Belgium 1978" is the result of this collaboration. It was presented in Paris last autumn and the first 150 copies are accompanied by a screen printed magazine, stickers and a cassette of punk music.