Did you know that the mitraillette originated in the inter-war period?


The mitraillette is a real institution in Belgium. Its name in French varies depending on the region - it can be called 'spécial', 'pain-frites', 'routier', 'mitraillette' or other names. But the principle remains the same: it is a baguette containing meat, lots of fries and a good helping of sauce. 

The first mitraillette is said to have come from the Charleroi region and the expert on the subject is none other than the famous chip shop Robert la frite, which opened in 1952 and has been managed by the Terwagne family from generation to generation. 

This typically Belgian dish was created during the inter-war period. When it was hard to make ends meet every month, or the soldiers did not have many provisions, they just ate bread with a few fries. The mitraillette as we know it today appeared with the arrival of the French baguette, which was produced in Belgium from 1975-76. 

But where does the name come from? There are several different hypotheses, but the main one states that the elongated shape of the baguette was reminiscent of a weapon, with the fries as the ammunition.  And obviously once you finish it, you'll be K.O.-ed.