Did you know that Manneken Pis is 61 cm tall?


Brussels' one and only figurehead may only measure a ‘mere’ 61 cm, but that certainly does not restrict his passion for fashion. Those wishing to see Manneken Pis in his full glory can find him on the corner of Stoofstraat and Eikstraat, not far from Brussels' Grand Place.

There is considerable confusion over the actual size of the Manneken Pis. And we would like to put an end to such discussion for once and for all. In fact, Manneken Pis measures 55.5 cm, but when you add the base to the equation then his total height becomes 61 cm. Manneken Pis is rather a brave chap as well! Take a look at his history. Indeed, he survived the bombing of Brussels back in 1695 without a scratch. So the Belgian expression “small, but brave” certainly applies!

You can't imagine Manneken Pis without Brussels and vice versa. This folkloric character is 61 cm tall and therefore among the smallest of Brussels folk. This figurehead may be small but he is certainly just as fashion-conscious as those strolling the streets of Brussels. With a total of over 900 different outfits he most probably has a lot more in his wardrobe than most Belgians. Manneken Pis may not have an Instagram account on which to admire his outfits, but you can come and see 100 of them in the Museum of the City of Brussels. If you fancy getting some style tips from his complete range of outfits you can also always take a look at his interactive database.