Did you know that ... it is possible to ski all the year round in the flat country?


Three slopes are open all the year round in Belgium: Ice Mountain in Comines, Aspen in Wilrijk and Snow Valley in Peer. Of course, they are all indoor slopes.

Due to lack of time or money, it is not always possible to get to the mountains in order to take advantage of the snow and come down a few slopes. Although the lack of mountains in Belgium means that there is not actually any real ski resorts as in France, Switzerland and Italy, it is, nevertheless, possible to ski in our flat country all year round!

The first complex, Ice Mountain, is located in Comines, in Hainaut, and exists since 1999. It features a blue run that is 210 metres long and 30 metres wide with a gradient of 20-22%, as well as an 85-metre long green slope for beginners. It costs about €47 (€16 of which for hiring equipment) for two hours on the slopes.

In Wilrijk, near Antwerp, you can find the brand-new Aspen complex that opened last December. This slope is 240 metres and 50 metres wide, with a gradient starting at 20% and descending to 18% and finishing at 15%. In the same way as Ice Mountain, a green run is available at the side for beginners. The price: €38, including €8 for equipment hire.

The third and final complex is Snow Valley located in Peer, in Limburg. It contains three runs, the largest of which is 350 metres long and 30 metres wide, which makes it the largest ski area out of the three mini-resorts. The price for an adult there is €19.50 for one hour.

Therefore, why not slip into your ski or snowboard gear and enjoy some snow sports in the winter and the summer while the French, Swiss and Italian outdoor slopes and even those in the provinces of Liege, Luxembourg, Hainaut and Namur are dependent solely on snowfall? An opportunity not to be missed!