Did you know that “Deep Diner” is the first submarine restaurant in the world ?


And it is located in Belgium! More specifically in Brussels. It is in the diving pool "Nemo 33" that this atypical adventure takes place. For almost 10 years, this pool was the deepest one in the world (33 meters). The most daring can now discover, at 5 meters deep, a sphere of 4m³ filled with air. The only way to reach this sphere is to put on your diving accessories before jumping in the water. Only four people can get in at the same time, in order to leave some space for a private and original dinner.

Following the "Deep Diner" concept, the manager had to invent a new job. At this place, you can find the only underwater waitress in the world. She brings the plates to the customers thanks to a waterproof suitcase. Champagne, foie gras, lobster and fruit salad are on the menu of this restaurant. Everything was made to satisfy the most eager appetites but also the most daring.