Did you know that cuberdons can only be found in Belgium?


In a sense, cuberdons are like the holy grail of Belgian sweets. This mythical delicacy first surfaced in the 19th century, but its roots and the original recipe are a carefully-guarded secret. Indeed, you'll only find cuberdons in Belgium! 

To date, different legends exist about the origin of the cuberdon. The most widely-accepted version claims that this sweet was first produced in the 19th century by a member of the clergy who lived in Flanders. According to other versions, the cuberdon was developed in the south of the country. One thing is certain, however: the cuberdon is a quintessential Belgian sweet!

Nowadays, very few artisans know how to prepare the real cuberdons. The production process is very complicated and requires a lot of precision and dexterity. After the cone-shaped moulds are filled with the syrup and the various ingredients, they must be stored in a very warm room, for seven days, so the sweet forms a crust around its soft jelly filling. Cuberdons are traditionally made with raspberry flavouring which gives its purple colour as well as its unique sweet taste.

But why can you only find them in Belgium? Exporting these sweets is very difficult because they are so complicated to make. Cuberdons are semi-fresh products, which must be consumed within 6 to 8 weeks of their preparation. Unlike chocolate they cannot be kept in the fridge or frozen. That is why cuberdons always stay in Belgium... Currently, there are only four companies who manufacture these exceptional sweets. The most famous one is Confiserie Léopold in Enghien.