Did you know that the creator of the #10wastechallenge is Belgian?


The #10wastechallenge is a challenge that was launched for internet users across the entire world. Players collect rubbish in their environment for 10 minutes. Then, the player must take a selfie and publish it on Instagram with the hashtag #10wastechallenge  after using their location tracking. This challenge has already attracted over 14,000 people in 65 countries and is still spreading.

The initiator of the movement is Lorenzo Mancini. He is later joined by Laetitia Mespouille. Both of whom come from Leuze-en-Hainaut. One has a PhD in chemistry with a specialization in bio- plastics, and the other is a professionnal photographer. It was after his return from Thailand in March 2019 that Lorenzo had the idea to launch this online challenge, having been appalled at the quantity of plastic waste on the beaches.

Coming together for the environment this way is intelligent since it lets them rally people's egocentrism for ethical purposes, Laetitia Mespouille explains: 'On social media, we often find photos which highlight the narcissistic side of people's personalities, but here, on the other hand, we highlight a good deed that is beneficial for the environment. It's the useful selfie.'

It is a fundamentally 'positive narcissism' to change their mentalities, according to Lorenzo Mancini:  'When we are strolling through the forest and there is loads of rubbish everywhere, it encourages others to litter there as well. When it is much cleaner, it is different. I see young generations today turning it into a game and collecting rubbish along the way. I hear a lot of parents say they do it automatically now.'