Did you know that Brussels Airport is the world's biggest chocolate shop?


Brussels Airport is the world's largest sales outlet for chocolate, selling over 800 tonnes annually.

Belgian chocolate has a very long history, making it one of the country's gourmet specialities. With several hundred chocolatiers and over 2,000 stores, Belgians consume an average of 8 kilos of chocolate per person and per year. Most of its production is destined for export, making it one of the symbols of Belgian quality worldwide.

Among its varieties, praline is one of the most well-known Belgian specialities. Invented by Jean Neuhaus in 1912, this is a chocolate filled with a caramelised sugar based truffle and coated in dark, white or milk chocolate. Crafted by hand, each one has a personal touch which gives it a unique and delicious flavour.

Dandoy, Godiva, Galler, Neuhaus, Jean-Philippe Darcis, Léonidas and Côte d’Or, are just some of the Belgian brands and chocolatiers.