Whole world gathers at Sand Sculpture Festival Middelkerke 2024

04 July 2024 - 08 September 2024

'Do you need more sand?' Over 5,000 tons will probably suffice for the dozens of figures that 25 international sand artists spend 10 days crafting with skill and endless patience. Around the World in Sand is the theme of the largest open-air event on the Belgian coast.

From 28 June to 8 September, you can save yourself the cost and effort of a trip and still see the world's architectural highlights. In front of the Arthur De Greefplein in coastal Middelkerke, you will find a giant sand sculpture garden, covering over 5,000 m². The firm sand was brought in from a quarry in the Ardennes. 

If you prefer to stay in Europe, you can limit yourself to, say, Big Ben in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or its leaning cousin in Pisa. If you are drawn to more distant destinations, you will have the choice of the sphinxes and pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, temples in Japan, the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the stone statues on Easter Island, and wild animals from African safari parks. Once you return from your trip Around the World in Sand, there will be some typically Belgian culinary and tourist specialities to enjoy on site. This might include a waffle, a bag of French fries with mayonnaise or a hefty 'Manneken Pis' that can really pee. As icing on the cake, Middelkerke is turning the spotlights on its newly inaugurated, brand-new casino. All sculpted in sand, by the way.