When Victor Horta and Wolfers jewellers combine their art

29 November 2017 - 30 December 2018

The furniture in the old Wolfers Frères jewellery shop, which is preserved at the Royal Art and History Museum, was designed by Victor Horta in between 1909 and 1911, at the same time as the shop. In 1973, the pieces were donated to the Cinquantenaire Museum where they were on display from 1977. Although it is larger, the shape of the room reflects the original shop extremely well and therefore, the layout of the furniture is very close to the original concept. 105 years after the grand opening ceremony of Wolfers Frères jeweller’s in 1912, the shop’s legendary interior can be seen in its original layout once again. Thanks to advanced restoration and reconstruction, visitors will have the complete impression of entering the old Brussels temple of luxurious objects.

On the one hand, this new room retraces the history of the Wolfers company and on the other, presents a historical collection of Belgian Art Nouveau and Decorative Arts. The collection includes the famous “Dragonfly” pendant (1903) by Wolfers senior and the “Swan and Snakes” jewel (1899) that he created for his wife, whose portrait hangs opposite the period windows. You can also see items of crockery, fabrics and sculptures.

You can discover the collection at the Cinquantenaire up until 31 December 2018 when the items on display will be replaced by other unseen pieces.

For further information, please visit www.kmkg-mrah.be/expositions/horta-wolfers.


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