What does the atelier of a Belgian artist look like?

08 February 2024 - 10 March 2024

Ever wondered what a Belgian artist’s atelier might look like? An exhibition at the Félicien Rops museum in Namur is a great place to start.

At Work! The ateliers of artists in Belgium in the 19th century is an exhibition that lifts a tip of the veil and shows us the inner workings of great minds like Henri de Braekeleer, Evelyne de Behr, James Ensor, Henri Evenepoel and so many more including the man this Namur museum was named after. 

Rops himself had said he couldn’t understand painters who went to their workshops as if it were a day job and painted “in between meals”, that he got so consumed that he couldn’t eat or sleep until a work was finished.  

The museum promises to show you the backstage of creation, the materials, even the scents that surrounded these early Belgians – imagine that! 

Oh, and the coolest thing? Rops’ atelier has been turned into an escape room! Somebody has stolen his latest painting and you have to discover who the culprit was. 

Come on, who’s in? That sounds like an absolutely amazing time, no?