Visit the Royal Greenhouses

21 April 2018 - 11 May 2018

This year, the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken will be open from Saturday 21 April until Friday 11 May 2018, excluding Monday 23 April and Monday 7 May. It is an excellent opportunity to discover one of the most outstanding monuments of Belgian heritage and admire the collections of plants and exotic flowers, some of which were brought back from expeditions to the Congo for Leopold II. Evening visits are particularly recommended and ensure a complete change of scenery.

The greenhouses are the culmination of numerous talks, letters, sketches and projects exchanged between the architect Alphonse Balat and King Leopold II. But above all, they inspired the new Belgian architecture of the time and their influence spread, with Art Nouveau, throughout the world.

The greenhouses are an architectural structure made of metal and glass, designed by Victor Horta. The final project was however designed by Balat, who was the head of the architectural firm where Horta was also a partner. The building is located in the park adjoining the Royal Castle of Laeken (Brussels). The current collection of plants, planted at the time of King Leopold II, is exceptional and priceless as it contains many rare specimens.

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