See, experience and feel Magritte at La Boverie

18 November 2021 - 06 March 2022

Until March 2022, the La Boverie Museum in Liège is offering an immersive tour of the works by René Magritte, the great Belgian surrealist. His creations, beyond the bounds of reason, enhanced by modern technology, transport visitors into an emotional vision.

One of Magritte's paintings is entitled: "the painter who invokes the mysteries of the world" and thanks to "Inside Magritte" you can explore the mysteries of the master's creative universe, through clouds that move or apples that start to rain. This is the first immersive exhibition experience for the Liège museum, offering visitors the opportunity to observe 360-degree projections of 160 of the painter's works.


The exhibition is structured around a journey, in eight chronological chapters, which will actively and playfully plunge you into the surrealist's universe. For a kaleidoscopic view of the images stop by the Hall of Mirrors. If you are interested in the relationship between Magritte and cinema, you will be interested in the documentary on the subject. You can also take advantage of the area with seats and virtual reality headsets to immerse yourself in the very special world of the artist, a perfect illustration of the Belgian surrealist movement, which plays on the connections between the object and its representation.


Prepare for your visit by going to the La Boverie website