One exhibition, three Old Masters of painting

17 September 2020 - 31 March 2022

They could not have crossed paths in real life, because they were not contemporaries, but today Jan Van Eyck (1390-1441), Pieter Bruegel (1525-1569) and Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) stand side by side in the Palais de la Dynastie for an exhibition.

Apart from the chronological impossibility of these three undisputed masters of Flemish painting meeting, they are also separated by their styles and subjects. Indeed, Van Eyck's aloof subjects, painted in the manner of Domenico Ghirlandaio, are the opposite of the scenes of daily life in the Brabant countryside that made Bruegel famous, and which are themselves the antithesis of the mythological or religious themes majestically painted in the Baroque manner by Rubens. The only point of convergence between the three artists is their Flemish origin. And, in this case, the way we are paying tribute to them, because the exhibition literally appeals to visitors through all their senses, starting with all the personalised audio-guide, "Arthur", who takes you on an hour-long stroll through the works, which come alive throughout the visit. There are also sounds, such as those of Rubens' busy studio, for example, which is particularly noisy due to his many employees and apprentices. The high point comes at the end, with the visit to the last and largest exhibition hall, which offers full immersion, from floor to ceiling. This is 360º immersion., a multimedia company which has already worked on "Beyond Bruegel" (60,000 visitors) can take the credit for using new technologies to create a unique experience.

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