Niki de Saint Phalle, “Ici tout est possible” (Here everything is possible)

13 September 2018 - 13 January 2019

The Niki de Saint-Phalle exhibition, which marks the start of the first “Mons, Capital of Culture” biennial, visits the city of the Doudou (Ducasse de Mons Festival). It will appear at the BAM, Rue Neuve, until 13 January 2019.

Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002) was firstly a model, then a housewife before teaching herself art. A painter, sculptor, visual artist and film producer, she could do it all. The artist created a large number of monumental sculptures, some of which were installed in sculpture parks for her own enjoyment. States and regions have commissioned her to produce certain works. The city of Jerusalem and even former President, François Mitterrand have called on her services.

The “Tirs” (Shootings), a series of paintings used by the artist to exorcise the strained family climate and particularly her father's incest, contributed to her international fame. They owe their title to the fact that a shotgun was one of the tools used to create them. Le Cyclop, Golem and Noah's Ark are famous works. Niki’s themes are capable of tackling important subjects that have links to her past or works directed towards her world view and her vision of men and women. The painter had a talent for expressing chaos and violence, playfulness and joy.

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