Midis-Minimes: lunchtime chamber music returns

11 July 2024 - 30 August 2024

Would you fancy some chamber music sandwiched in between your busy working day?

Every Monday through Friday at 12:15pm, the place to kick back and relax to some beautiful chamber music is either the Church of Our Lady of Victories at the Sablon or just around the corner at the Royal Music Conservatory. 

The 38th edition of the Midis-Minimes plans to titillate your music papillae with daily 35-minute concerts in a charming and impressive part of the city. The list of performers includes Queen Elisabeth Competition laureate Stéphanie Huang; the prize-winning Trio Spilliaert, who have taken it upon themselves to always perform pieces by Belgian composers (never mind the fact that they will be playing Schubert in this case); or even the Quatuor Alfama with a long, rich and creative history. 

This is just to name a few, but you can rest assured that each concert will be positively delightful and with so many talents -- young and old -- spread over two months, there is truly something for everyone. You should expect no less from a country that has been home to great composers like André Grétry, Henri Vieuxtemps and Guillaume Lekeu. 

Now, does that tug on your heart strings or what?