Marc Van Ranst perfectly paired with a pro photographer

27 October 2023 - 29 November 2023

The Beukenhof Phoenix gallery in Kluisbergen is exhibiting the work of an unlikely duo: photographer Peter Malaise and renowned virologist Marc Van Ranst.

The two got to know each other during the COVID-19 pandemic and, as one sometimes does at work, drifted into the occasional discussion about art and photography. 

They soon discovered that they were perfectly paired on a creative level. Readers will hopefully forgive the pun, as Perfectly Paired is the name of the exhibition. 

Malaise is perfectly at home in photography, particularly standing out with landscapes and black-and-white body shapes, whereas Van Ranst has edited photographs with digital techniques to create composite images. 

If that doesn’t sound like the perfect pairing, we don’t know what does! Surf on over to Beukenhof’s website to reserve your spot. 

The art gallery also organises an outdoor sculpture tour during summer months, so if you’d rather brave the cobblestones of the nearby Wall of Geraardsbergen in a warmer season, there’s still plenty of reason to visit, year ‘round!