James Ensor exhibition in Ostend

13 May 2018 - 16 June 2019

Ostend and James Ensor (1860-1949) are inextricably linked. James Ensor loved his native city, which was both his muse and his source of inspiration. Museums, collectors and art-enthusiasts around the world are fascinated by his pioneering work. In 1894, he revealed that he "attentively studied the most contrasting methods".

With 38 paintings and some 650 drawings, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp does not only have the largest collection of Ensor's work in the world, but also the most beautiful and varied. Over the last few years, the Ensor collection from Antwerp has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Basel, Copenhagen and Utrecht and will be on display at Mu.ZEE in his native city from 13 May 2018 to 16 June 2019. For more information on this exhibition, go to https://www.muzee.be.

And while you are in Ostend, why not extend your museum discoveries with a visit to the house where the painter lived; it is currently undergoing renovations but the website https://www.belgiancoast.co.uk/en/do/james-ensor-house can provide information on its re-opening, scheduled for mid-2018.

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