An exceptional exhibition dedicated to Leonard da Vinci opens in Liège

06 February 2019 - 12 May 2019

The travelling exhibition celebrating Leonardo da Vinci's genius presents the world's largest collection of models and runs until 12 May at the Museum of Walloon Life in Liège.

Created in Bruges in 2017 by Jean-Christophe Hubert and Vincent Damseaux from Liège, the exhibition then travelled to Istanbul, Antalya and Lyon. After Liège, it will head to Barcelona, Moscow, Kiev and Dubai.

This exhibition presents more than 120 models based on Leonardo da Vinci's drawings and marks the 500th anniversary of his death. It is the largest travelling collection in the world! These models are accompanied by documents, codices and reproductions that allow visitors to discover the inventions of the most famous genius of the Renaissance.

Some of his inventions were crazy, for example "this tank with 360-degree guns pulled by oxen, all inside the machine - it was impossible. As was his flying machine that we have reproduced here and that never flew, as the materials were much too heavy at the time," Jean Christophe Hubert explained. However, some of his inventions are very contemporary: "When we think of his gears, for example, we find them in everyday items," added Vincent Damseaux.