EUROPALIA Art Festival Indonesia

10 October 2017 - 21 January 2018

The EUROPALIA arts biennial was established in 1969 to celebrate a country's cultural and artistic heritage. Instead of limiting itself to one single discipline, EUROPALIA invites adventurous art lovers to take a cultural journey through the music, visual arts, cinema, theatre, dance and literature of a new destination every two years. This year, it's Indonesia's turn!

From Antwerp to Brussels and Charleroi, all of Belgium, and its neighbouring countries, will be celebrating Indonesian heritage until next February. The festival aims to promote exchanges between nations, offering the partner countries a platform to present their cultural heritage and the work of their contemporary artists. By valorising the diversity of the cultures within Europe and their permanent dialogue with some of the world's most fascinating cultures, EUROPALIA is contributing to the cultural dimension of European integration.

This year, the spotlight is on Indonesia! But how can we represent the culture of a country as complex and diverse as Indonesia in just four months, while also thinking outside of the box? EUROPALIA rose to the challenge by working with Indonesian and European experts, curators and artists. Discover the many unexpected and contrasting facets of this country, where past, present and future are subtly blended... Clearly there is something to suit everyone's tastes!

Information and programme here.


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