Discover the most exciting world films thanks to MOOOV

19 April 2018 - 30 April 2018
Brugge, Turnhout

Are you a fan of alternative world cinema? Then MOOOV will be right up your street! Every year, the film festival MOOOV shows a whole range of exciting films from Africa, Latin America and Asia. MOOOV will be playing its film collections in 6 different Flemish cities, but most of all in Bruges and Turnhout. Wajib, Sweet Country, The Report on Sarah and Saleem are just a few of the films on offer. In addition to film presentations, visitors can also enjoy a range of talk shows, lectures and theme nights.

The annual festival first began back in 1992. With over 70 films and 40,000 visitors per edition, MOOOV is the most important film festival when it comes to alternative cinema. Its main focus is on independent film productions, documentaries and world cinema.

MOOOV is also SDG Voice in 2018 and, as such, an ambassador for the SDGs. SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals are 17 goals that the United Nations aims to achieve by the year 2030, such as putting an end to poverty and hunger and the battle for gender equality. As SDG Voice, MOOOV will be highlighting the SDGs throughout the year with its activities and initiatives.

Visit the festival website at MOOOV for more info and for a summary of the film presentations.