Contemporary art with the sea as a backdrop

04 June 2021 - 07 November 2021
Mer du Nord

The theme for the triennial Beaufort Contemporary Art Festival, which takes place this year from 27 May to 7 November, is the way in which man is subject to the will of nature. 21 artists inspired by the sea have spread their work over the ten coastal cities.

The Beaufort Triennial of Contemporary Art began in 2003. One of the goals of the initiative is to create a permanent sculpture park. The beginnings of this park already have 30 works of art from previous editions and will be added to every three years. Beaufort also aims to encourage enthusiasts and those who are interested to visit each of the Belgian coastal towns and discover their various assets in addition to the attractions of the exhibition. A fast and convenient tram line connects the seaside resorts. It allows you to get from one to the other in a relaxed way, avoiding traffic jams and other parking problems.


You will find photos of the different works exhibited this year on Beaufort 21 | Le Littoral, accompanied by a short introduction/description and a note about the author. Another interesting feature of this event is that it is spread over 6 months and thus allows visitors to discover the coast in different seasons, under different colour palettes and with very contrasting atmospheres; from the first beautiful days of spring to the festive atmosphere of a never-ending fair in July and August and the return to calm and the abandoned beach in autumn.