Comic Strip Festival in Brussels

14 September 2018 - 16 September 2018

Tintin, Lucky Luke, the Smurfs … for decades Belgium has been a leading country when it comes to cartoons. That's already a good enough reason to head into Brussels for the ninth edition of the Comic Strip Festival.

The Brussels Park is the place to be for conferences, workshops and entertainment. All the large Belgian publishers will be there. It's a lovely opportunity to buy a pile of comic strips and get them signed immediately by the many authors who will be present. Some of them can expect an award as well, as the Comic Strip Festival will be presenting its Atomium Comic Strip Prizes for the second time. Comic strip authors will be celebrated in nine different categories.

Car fans will also not be disappointed. On Saturday 15 September, there will be a procession of vehicles from popular comic strips through the streets of Brussels. This Comic Strip Festival Rally will arrive at the Place Royale, where a car exhibition will also be on show throughout the day. Vehicles won't be the only things parading through Brussels for the occasion. You will also be amazed by the Balloon’s Day Parade, a parade with gigantic balloons representing famous cartoon characters.

While last year all eyes were on Gaston Lagaffe, it's now time for Alex to have a turn, as he celebrates his 70th anniversary. In the Cinquantenaire Museum you can visit an exhibition that continues until 6 January 2019 about the Gallo-Roman hero Jacques Martin. The expo features 150 original plates per theme.

This is just a small glimpse into the incredible programme. All information about the various activities can be found on this website: