Brussels, city of design

12 September 2018 - 04 October 2018

Brussels Design September will take place in the Belgian capital throughout the month; this festival is dedicated to design and features almost one hundred events based around furniture, objects, industrial products, architecture, graphic design and more. The initiatives include the exhibitions at the KANAL-Centre Pompidou, the new centre for culture and modern and contemporary art in Brussels.

It has become a major September event: as it does every year, Brussels Design September opened on the first Thursday of the month with a trail leading from venue to venue, including the KANAL-Centre Pompidou museum, the new contemporary art museum taking part for the first time by hosting several different exhibitions.

In its "Red and White" exhibition in Citroën-inspired colours, the museum presents all kinds of creations, from designer to contemporary, with a nod to the building's previous function.

 A second exhibition, "Between Art and Design. The Belgian Scene", will then focus on the importance of the challenges made by our Belgian artists to aesthetics and functionality in design. The third exhibition will be entitled "Identity and alterity: shifting representations" and will show videos and photographs that question the identity of the constructs created by society and the media as well as the different image technologies.

It is also important to note the original nature of this new Eco-design event, which will showcase the innovation of designers in their search for sustainable solutions. This initiative will also be the subject of an award for Brussels retail: the Eco-Design Brussels - Award. This will reward the business with the best variety of eco-design, the theme selected for the 2018 event of this Brussels art festival.

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