Brussels Book Fair

22 February 2018 - 25 February 2018
Tour & Taxis (Brussels)

The Brussels Book Fair is a vast bookshop in the heart of Europe, becoming a major cultural event since its launch in 1969. Over five days, it forges links between everyone involved in literature, from young writers to the most famous authors and from comic books to political science. It is all geared up to take visitors on a journey into the vast, exciting world of a Fair bursting with history.

Although the Fair considers itself a French-language event, bringing together editors from France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Quebec to join their French-speaking peers from Belgium, it also passionately defends its international dimension and focuses on the inexhaustible wealth of authors from around the world.

This year, Turkish novelist Asli Erdogan has the privilege of presiding over the Fair as honorary Chair of this 48th Brussels Book Fair, whose theme is “On the Road". The other ‘special guests’ include Guinean writer Tierno Monénembo, who will be located in the new pavilion dedicated to African-Caribbean-Pacific arts, detective novel author Caryl Férey, comic book artist Enki Bilal, novelist Amélie Nothomb, historian David Van Reybrouck and Quebec writer Catherine Girard-Audet, who is extremely popular with teenagers. Book-lovers can take part in ‘the biggest book hunt in Brussels’ throughout the fair (started on 18 February). More than 1,000 books written by the authors attending this year's fair will be hidden around the capital and geolocated via the Neareo app. Last year's Brussels Book Fair attracted more than 65,000 visitors.

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