Bond In Motion: Brussels Expo highlights the vehicles used by 007

15 December 2022 - 14 May 2023

Fans of Britain’s most famous spy, the character we’ve come to know as James Bond or Agent 007, will be in their element at Brussels Expo: it’s the site of the exhibition, Bond in Motion, from 9 December to 14 May.

As the name suggests, this exhibition highlights some of the vehicles used in the legendary film series, the first instalment of which came out in 1962 (Dr. No with the late Sean Connery). Sixty years and twenty-five films later, fans can see not only cars but also motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters and even submarine hovercraft.

That should be enough to get anyone’s motor running, but there’s more: visitors can gain some insight into Hollywood magic as the exhibition explains how various special effects were achieved in the films.

In addition, a special English-style bar provides refreshments for anyone feeling a little shaken, not stirred, from the excitement of stepping into the marvellous world of James Bond. This bar is located at the centre of the exhibition, surrounded by the four different zones of the exhibition, dedicated to air, earth, sea and fire.

One famous Belgian is certainly celebrating the arrival of the Bond exhibition: Manneken Pis may be more than 4 centuries old, he still gets new clothes every year. In 2022, that includes a special James Bond outfit to add to his wardrobe, which counts more than 1,000 outfits.

When you go to see Bond in Motion at Brussels Expo, consider visiting Brussels’ other famous monument, the Atomium, which was built for the World’s Fair in 1958 – just a few years before Agent 007’s debut on the big screen!