Biotopia exhibition in Namur

30 June 2022 - 27 November 2022

The Pavilion is hosting the collective Biotopia exhibition on the site of the Citadelle in Namur until 27 November. A series of works will challenge visitors' senses in relation to the living and the environment.

Called Biotopia, a contraction of Biotope and Utopia, this exhibition plunges us into the universe of the living beings that populate our planet while questioning the central position of humans. It is a continuation of the "Humans/Machines" exhibition held last year on the same site, which aimed to use digital culture to show the limits of artificial intelligence with its potential risks for our mental health and our freedom.

Bringing together nearly 30 artists, the works exhibited today have as their common thread a shifting of viewpoints, plunging visitors into the heart of non-human societies so they can understand their diversity in a poetic, interactive way. With this desire to decompartmentalise and combine art, science and culture, the visitor's critical spirit is aroused and thus encouraged to open up to new points of view.

Very wisely, to help us better appreciate this exhibition, the organisers have arranged the presence of a number of mediators who can answer all the questions raised by these works, which are particularly challenging for the average person.

Biotopia is open until 27 November and is located on the plateau of the Citadel of Namur, in the magnificent setting of the Pavilion. This building, which looks like an astronomical station, is the product of the imagination of Patrick Genard, an architect from Namur.