Belgium in one hell of a state

15 July 2020 - 18 April 2021

The Mundaneum in Mons is both an archive centre, sometimes compared to a paper Google, and an exhibition space. Nestled in a magnificent Art Deco building, it is currently hosting a temporary exhibition, "Belgium in one hell of a state!"

Posters, postcards, press cartoons... more than 200 images trace the history of Belgium's political and popular imagery. This is an enjoyable way for visitors to immerse themselves in the portrayal of Belgium through the centuries and gain a better understanding of its evolution since well before its independence. Foreign invasions and internal tensions between communities have conferred a Belgian identity that cannot always be found in the history books. Whether they are polemic, sad or funny, these images challenge us and invite us to reflect. The Belgian identity and community reality can be seen in symbols and documents from documentation centres, museums and private collections all over the country.

Four hundred years of graphic styles and media are presented. From the smallest, a postcard a few centimetres high, to the largest, a two-metre high poster. From the oldest to the most up-to-date, thanks to the press cartoons of 12 Belgian cartoonists, including Kroll, and Geluck, to name but two.

Come and see it if you are passing by, or better still pass by just to see it; you won't regret it and there are many other things to visit in the area.

All the details can be found on the Mundaneum website.