Belgian Owl Distillery visit: A 100% Belgian whisky

20 October 2018 - 21 October 2018

On 20-21 October, the Belgian Owl Distillery is opening its doors to all whiskey lovers so they can learn about the history of this drink and become more acquainted with the distillery and the work of master distiller Etienne Bouillon.

Belgian whisky distilleries are not something commonly found throughout the streets of our country, making this is a unique and unmissable event for true enthusiasts of this craftsmanship. 

But the key feature of this distillery lies in its sharing of whisky casks. Mr Bouillon actually offers anyone who fancies it the possibility of purchasing a whisky cask and watching it age. Some had dreamt of it but did not have the means of doing so. Today, it is possible through sharing with other amateurs.