Artistic stroll through the streets of Liège

13 August 2020 - 31 October 2020

The 4th triennial 'Art Public', an initiative of the Wallonia Arts Commission, and the City and Province of Liège, will be held in Liège until 31 October, following on from Namur in 2011, Tournai in 2014 and Charleroi in 2017.

Eighteen artists were invited to present works integrated into the urban fabric of the city centre. These works of art, installed throughout the heart of the city, are arranged to form a route that can be discovered during a walk. They may help you to improve your knowledge of the area, understand the local residents and get to know the heritage of Liège.

No theme was imposed, apart from the need to take into account the architectural, urban and above all human environment of the proposed spaces. These spaces were chosen on the basis of how busy they are and their historical and social significance. Six of the works along the route (two frescoes and four sculptures) will be permanent. These are Liège Love City by Michael Dans, portraying a hand forming a heart, and Le Phylactère by Emilio López-Manchero.

The guest artists each excel in different fields and techniques: painting for Adèle Renault and her majestic pigeon, photography for Pol Pierart, and modelling and ceramics for Eva Evrard and her 50 faces spying on the onlooker with astonishment.

For practical information and guided tours, please visit the website.