Artefact festival explores ‘The ecstatic being’

08 June 2023 - 25 June 2023

Two and a half weeks of ecstasy in the beating heart of Leuven? We’ll take a stab at that!

The sixteenth edition of Artefact Festival, organised by the Leuven arts centre STUK, is titled The ecstatic being. Between knowing and understanding. It “explores how altered states of consciousness impact the way we understand ourselves and the world around us.”

This festival stimulates various senses, with an exhibition on the one hand and performances by musicians and sound artists on the other hand. Spectators can expect themes of escapism, rituals and repetition in music and are invited to step through the “doors of perception” of the artists on display.

The exhibition and performances feature a combination of Belgian and foreign artists, each with different styles. Spectators are served a wide variety of perceptions and disciplines as they progress through the festival.

Did you know that the STUK was closed for renovations for a year and a half? Their Artefact festival, then, marks a return to the artistic stage, if you will.

If you’re Leuven it already, find out more about the practical details.