World of Mind: new museum opens at Tour & Taxis


There’s a new place to add to the already long list of museums in Belgium, and it’s not your average art gallery. Are you ready to discover the world of the mind?

World of Mind, the brand new museum of illusions in Brussels, opened its doors on 31 March and calls on its visitors to question and call their brains into question, while of course having tonnes of  fun.

Some say the discovery of a new place is best experienced by using the five senses. That makes World of Mind an ideal part of your Brussels and indeed Belgian experience if you’re a first-timer.

A wide array of mind-bending illusions over 1,500 square metres of space tempt young and old on the historical Tour & Taxis site, close to the centre of Brussels.

To keep things interesting, the illusions on display will be changed over time, and the weekends will be, dare we say, magical. Magic is the pinnacle of tricking the mind, so the age-old ever-entertaining tricksters will be an unmissable highlight.

Well, this museum certainly leaves us with our minds made up! May the World of Mind have a long and bright future, in every sense!