Will Stromae shine again like never before?


Belgian pop phenomenon Stromae has conquered the world with hits such as Alors on danse, Papaoutai and Formidable. His third album will be released this autumn and a new tour is planned for 2022.

His second album, 2013's Racine Carrée, was followed by an intense world tour with no fewer than 170 performances over the course of two years. He performed in Germany, London, Brazil and Madison Square Garden in New York, as well as Africa, with concerts in Kinshasa and Kigali. He was exhausted. His bad reaction to a preventive treatment for malaria led to the interruption of his concerts in Africa and the suspension of his public appearances.


However, this time off does not mean that he has remained inactive. He has continued to write music, but for others. He has also sung a duet with his friend Orelsan at his concert, directed a video for American singer Billie Eilish and appeared on stage with Britain's Coldplay in a video. He even released a song for a fashion show for his clothing brand Mosaert - an anagram of Stromae, which in turn is an anagram of maestro.


His new single is called ‘Santé!’ and is traditional Stromae, with a South American cumbia rhythm mixed with an electro sound. It is a toast to those who work while others celebrate, a reference to something more important than ever since the pandemic, namely health. It is the musician and storyteller Stromae as we all know and love him.