Who is your favourite Belgian author?


In December, we are in the mood for escape, serenity, discoveries and gift ideas. So why not dive into the world of books and add a little Belgian touch?

A little Belgian corner at the foot of the Christmas tree, with its chocolates, its beers.... and its authors. Yes indeed, from Ostend to Arlon, not forgetting Brussels, our small country can hold its own against the big ones, for those interested in literature in the broadest sense.

And where there are authors, there are adventure novels, love stories, detective stories, travel stories, essays and short stories, as well as poems, comic books, plays, children's literature, and more. They may be known or less known, young or old, from today or yesterday (or even the day before yesterday). Tell us who your favourite Belgian author is by participating in our survey before 16 December.

If you're looking for inspiration, take a look at our 'Do you know these Belgians' section. There is someone for everyone.

And in the holidays, let's consume books without moderation and share our literary nuggets which have often been translated into other languages.