Visit Brussels' "little Père Lachaise" !


The City of Brussels has started heritage tours in the Laeken and Brussels cemeteries. There are three suggested routes that cover Laeken cemetery, its funeral galleries and Brussels cemetery featuring brochures with information about the history, anecdotes, interesting monuments and the graves of famous people.

The rich heritage of Brussels cemetery is used to illustrate the development of statues and sculpture through the styles, techniques and choice of materials. It is also a unique gateway to discover the city's history through the famous individuals who are buried there and who include Charles Buls, Jean Volders, César De Paepe, Charles Albert and Henri Beyaert.

The funeral galleries at the Laeken cemetery have been undergoing renovation since 2012. Built in 1876, these are the oldest funeral galleries in the kingdom. They are now open daily from 8.30am to 4.00pm. The aim is to preserve a major heritage and tourist attraction in Brussels. Many leading figures lie here such as Joseph Poelaert, Nicolas-Jean Rouppe, Emile Bockstael to name just a few.