Virginie Efira leads a double life


The recently released film "Madeleine Collins", is a drama by Antoine Barraud, in which our compatriot, Virginie Efira, plays the lead role of a woman leading a double life.

This French-Belgian-Swiss co-production makes its heroine, Judith, a kind of double agent of family life. Every week, she crosses the border and changes families. Judith on the French side is the happy wife of a famous conductor and the mother of two teenagers who seem to adore her. On the Swiss side, she lives a more modest daily life in a suburban house, with Abdel and little Ninon.

With this role of a woman leading a double life, a subject very rarely addressed in film, director Antoine Barraud is updating representations of women and placing the adulterous wife and pathological liar at an unheard-of level.

As for the choice of Virginie Efira, Barraud confesses, "I needed someone so radiant that we support her choices even if they are incomprehensible." And it is true that the actress reveals a new aspect of her talent with this complex, multi-faceted character who is plunged into a spiral of lies.

This is a psychological thriller in which the spectator must collect all the pieces of the puzzle that is this double life if they are to understand the character of Judith.