Three Magritte paintings sold in New York


The Banquet, a painting by Belgian surrealist master René Magritte was sold for the equivalent of €16,7 million in New York, along with two other ones.

The painting, made in 1955, boasts a dark forest against the backdrop of a gripping orange sky and a piercing sun through the trees. A lake at the edge of the painting makes for a beautiful reflection of the trees. The Belgian painter’s hand is unmistakable. 

The Banquet is one of three Magrittes sold at this major auction, the other two being two versions of La main heureuse, which shows a piano encircled by an engagement ring. A first, smaller version of 4.8 by 17.8cm was made in 1952. The second, much larger version of 50.5 by 65.2cm was made the following year. 

This auction comes just a few months after The intimate friend (“L’ami intime”) was auctioned off for nearly €40 million.  

It just goes to show that the Belgian painter René Magritte is as popular as ever. Why not learn more about the man who became pretty much synonymous with Belgian surrealism? He continues to stir conversation even more than half a century after his untimely death.