Three Belgian actresses in the running for the César Awards


Three Belgian actresses - Virginie Efira, Yolande Moreau and Emilie Dequenne - the latter for Best Supporting Actress, have been nominated by the Académie des César for its 2021 award ceremony; the members have until 12 March to select the winners of the most prestigious film awards. The ceremony will then take place at Olympia that evening.

Virginie Efira literally burst onto the screen in Albert Dupontel's film, Adieu les cons (Bye Bye Morons). She plays the role of forty-something Suze Trapet who, when she learns that she has only a few months to live, decides to find the son she gave birth to anonymously fifteen years earlier. By chance, she meets a depressed computer specialist and a blind archivist who help her in her quest.

Yolande Moreau was selected for her performance in Martin Provost's La bonne épouse (How to Be a Good Wife). Our Belgian compatriot plays the role of the day-dreaming, strong-natured, cooking teacher sister-in-law of a teacher in a housekeeping school, Paulette Van Der Beck (Juliette Binoche). The two pillars of her teaching are how to keep a good home and submit to your marital duty without complaint, but her certainties waver when she finds herself widowed and ruined.

Finally, Emilie Dequenne plays in Les choses qu'on dit, les choses qu'on fait (Love Affair(s)), Emmanuel Mouret's film which is considered to be the masterpiece of the Marseille filmmaker. In this intimate film, Mouret takes a good-natured, fanciful look at his world around the themes of love, desire and pleasure, with jumping ellipses so as to lose nothing of their romantic adventures.