Stromae's comeback?


Is Paul Van Haver, alias Stromae, back in the music world? The well-known Belgian singer-songwriter will release a new single at the end of April. "The creativity is still there," the singer explained.

Music maestro! Stromae will release a new single on 25 April. 'Défiler' is a full 10 minutes long. The new song may herald the return of his music career, but that remains to be seen. He will release the track together with the fifth collection of his fashion label Mosaert. Capsule 5 finds inspiration in art deco and art nouveau. He also recently appeared as guest vocalist in the video La Pluie by French rapper Orelsan.

The singer made his breakthrough in 2009 with the track "Alors on danse", from the album Cheese. This song catapulted his career. The singer became hugely popular in a short space of time, and went on tour in more than 25 countries. His last album Racine carrée came out in 2013 and was just as successful. In 2013, Stromae put his music career on hold indefinitely. This might now be about to change. "I can't live without the stage, but if anything comes of it, it will be at a calmer and more laid-back pace," explained the singer. Fingers crossed!