The Smurfs have been around for 60 years and are taking over Brussels


An aeroplane covered in Smurfs, an interactive exhibition and a Smurf fresco: Brussels is currently basking in the 60-year anniversary of the little blue creatures.

The Aerosmurf is the fifth aircraft from Brussels Airlines that has been decorated with the well-known Belgian icons. On the fuselage, you can see Smurfette as captain and Papa Smurf as co-pilot. The design contains other Belgian details too, such as Harmony Smurf playing the saxophone. This instrument was invented by a Belgian. Inside, smurf footsteps lead passengers to their seats while special music is played.

Anyone who wants to find out all about the Smurfs can pay a visit to The Smurf Experience in Brussels Expo until 2 September 2018. As you enter the exhibition, you will find yourself in the charming Smurf Forest, full of surprises. Crossing a suspension bridge over the river to enter the Smurf Village is one of the obstacles that hold no fear for real Smurfs. Once in the village, you'll find out how it feels to be so small. Papa Smurf's toadstool house is really true to life! Then take a look into Gargamel's cage or have a chat with Smurfs from the village. The Smurfs are also taking their responsibilities seriously when it comes to protecting our blue planet. The Sustainable Development goals from the United Nations are hidden at various locations in the Smurf Village and provide an educational message.

Still not had enough of the Smurfs? Then stay overnight at the Hilton Hotel in Brussels, where you will be welcomed by a large Smurf fresco. This mural shows Smurfs in their day-to-day activities but you can also discover other Belgian symbols such as Atomium and waffles.

Why not come on down and get to know our lovely, blue dwarves!