Shadi Torbey’s return to the Belgian stage!


From 3 to 9 July 2016, Brussels has been returning to the very heart of the period of Mozart and of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And thus the famous character of Figaro of « Le Nozze Di Figaro », interpreted by the illustrious Belgian opera singer of Lebanese origin Shadi Torbey, has moved across centuries in order to remind the public about the beauty of Mozart’s talent in one of Brussels’ historic and cultural sites, the Théâtre Royal du Parc.

Shadi Torbey, third Laureate of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition of 2004, has been combining  talents with the ensemble on stage in order to bring to life one of the greatest masterpieces by  Mozart, « Le Nozze Di Figaro ». Fascinated by the character of Figaro, he personifies the role with an exciting passion. 

« The role corresponds to my type of voice », says Shadi Torbey. « In the beginning, we see a Figaro who is intriguing and manipulative, a cunning valet. However, through different situations, we meet an intelligent person who is trying to preserve his love for Suzanne by countering the obstacles from his master, Count di Almaviva. Yet, nothing happens as expected, he regularly finds himself in a difficult situation but there is always a positive outcome. This is only human! People can easily identify with the characteristics and situations shown on stage, as there is always a way out. »

An undoubted success, the opening of the first edition of the « MidSummer Mozartiade » festival proposed by the Amadeus & Co association with this marvelous work by Mozart, the composer who is much admired by Shadi Torbey.  Shadi Torbey is delighted to work in Brussels again, together with  David Miller, musical director and Eric Gobin, stage director. He can only welcome the initiative of the association that aimed at promoting Belgian artists and is motivated to participate to the next edition of the festival.

Thus, in the small Italian-style room of the Théâtre Royal du Parc, 9 years after his last performance in the Belgian capital, Shadi Torbey has given a unique interpretation to the Mozart passionates, perfectly in harmony with the ensemble and with Mozart’s work.

For more information, take a look at the website of the Amadeus & Co association.