The revival of an established spot in Brussels


The Royal Circus is to reopen its doors! For a while the Brussels Concert Hall had no owner and needed to close. However, in September the renovated Royal Circus will be up to its usual tricks.

The Royal Circus dates back to 1878. In its early days, it was the only permanent circus in Brussels. The architecture was most impressive. The middle section could even be filled with water and transformed into a swimming pool. The building served several purposes: mainly circus performances, but also film and ballet performances. It is now an event venue which is still being used for circus performances such as the Cirque du Soleil. Concerts are held there as well.

The reason for its temporary closure was a change in ownership. In August 2017, the City of Brussels decided to take over the running of the Royal Circus, rather than the Botanique, which had been in possession of this event venue since 2000.

The City of Brussels is currently carrying out renovation work, which should be finalised in the summer.