The Revenge of Forgiveness


Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt publishes at least one piece per year, be it theatrical, a novel or an essay. His latest book 'La Vengeance du pardon' (The Revenge of Forgiveness) is a collection of four short stories which touch on psychology and the motives of human beings.

Graduate of ENS Paris, professor of philosophy and doctor, he first became known in theatre with 'Le Visiteur' (The Visitor), this hypothetical encounter between Freud and possibly God which became a classic in the international repertoire. Other successes quickly followed: 'Variations énigmatiques' (Enigma Variations), 'Le Libertin' (The Libertine), 'Hôtel des deux mondes' (Between Worlds), 'Petits crimes conjugaux' (Partners in Crime), 'Mes Évangiles' (My Gospels), 'La Tectonique des sentiments' (The Tectonics of Emotion) and more. Praised equally by the public and critics, his pieces were awarded with multiple Molière awards and with the Grand Prix du théâtre from the Académie française. His work is now performed in over forty countries.

Living in Brussels since 2002, he was granted Belgian naturalisation in 2008. Saturday, 9 June 2012, the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium appointed Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt as an Academy member following Hubert Nyssen in seat 33 (foreign literary member), which among others was also held by Anna de Noailles, Colette and Jean Cocteau. The public reception ceremony took place 25 May 2013. He was furthermore awarded with the title Commander of the Order of the Crown.