René Magritte, at home and elsewhere


Frankfurt’s Schirn Kunsthalle will propose a vast thematic exhibition devoted to René Magritte from 10 February to 5 June 2017, which will place emphasis on the philosophical significance of his work.

The exhibition will bring together around 70 works from his 1920-1960 period, including some of his most emblematic paintings, on loan from important international cultural institutions.

The year 2017 will mark the sixtieth anniversary of the death of the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte (1898-1967). It is also the seventh anniversary of the Brussels museum entirely devoted to him, which has drawn over 300,000 visitors per year since its creation – 65% of whom are foreign visitors. Among the works that are most appreciated there are The Empire of Light, The Domain of Arnheim, Black Magic, The Unexpected Answer, The Man of the Sea and The Blank Page (the final painting produced by the master). 

But Magritte is not limited to Belgium, as recent years have seen a proliferation of exhibitions on him: New York, Houston, Chicago, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Paris have hosted the work of the man in a bowler hat who did not mistake a pipe for its representation, and Frankfurt is next in line.